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 +From checking out [[http://​www.cheapboracaypackages.com/​|Cheap Boracay packages ]]to planning out your activities, there are plenty of ways to experience the best of Boracay Island, Aklan without the least bit of financial fear. If you're a carefree backpacker or a budget traveler, visiting one of the Philippines'​ finest beach destinations should never be a problem. Just keep in mind these helpful ideas:
 +1. It may be a premier destination,​ but when there'​s discount there'​s always a way.If you have a midrange budget, traveling to [[http://​cheapboracaypackages.com/​boracay/​why/​|Boracay Island ]]is usually intimidating because of 1) transportation expenses and 2) accommodation cost. As regards with the first, there are ways to reach these dazzling shores without striking a heavy blow on your budget. Watch out for airline companies offering discounted rates on airfare, like Cebu Pacific Air. You can get terrific value for a plane ride to Caticlan Airport or Kalibo International Airport. Meanwhile, getting to the Caticlan Jetty Port, which will ferry you by boat to the island, is a simple tricycle or bus ride away.
 +3. Make "​haggling"​ your other leisure activity.It would not be a beach holiday without all that water sports and fun diversions, all of them usually come at a pricey cost. Make arrangements direct with the operators of these activities and don't forget that it's never a crime to haggle your way through for a more reasonable rate that would suit your budget better.
 +4. Food should never be an issue, as there are over 200 Boracay restaurants,​ especially those with a beach view, often offer an expensive menu, but there are cheap alternatives. Travel inland for a number of affordable dining options. This includes visiting the D'​Talipapa,​ where you can shop for fresh seafood by the kilo and have stores cook them for you. It's certainly more affordable compared to those served in beachside restaurants,​ and you'll know exactly what you'll be getting.
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