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 + The thyroid gland produces a valuable hormone called thyroxine and any thyroid problem that causes an imbalance in-the secretion of this hormone may be very dangerous to health. Here are 5 very important reasons why [[http://​lifestream.aol.com/​stream/​autoimmunethyro|thyroid disease]] should be avoided and treated immediately when diagnosed.
 +1. The reduction in release of thyroxin leads to hypothyroidism that has far-reaching consequences within the body. This condition affects almost every part of the body manifesting symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, forgetfulness,​ depression, hoarseness, hair loss, low sex drive, irregular menses, and depression. ​
 +2. The decrease in thyroxin released by the thyroid gland reduces body metabolism therefore lowering the rate of production of electricity in the cells. This causes sluggishness and fatigue and may readily change the individual'​s functionality.
 +3. Thyroid disease decreases the body's resistance getting it to increased risk of infection. Repeated attacks can lower the resistance further leading to a continuously deteriorating state of health.
 +4. As thyroid disease decreases the metabolic rate within the human body it often leads to weight problems including obesity. ​ In severe cases when your human body starves of energy and the cells are unable to maintain even the minimal levels of metabolism it may cause a life threatening scenario.
 +5. Thyroid disease can lead to a range of degenerative diseases including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer.
 +It is so very important that you should attempt to stop thyroid disease at all costs and also make exertions to relieve the ailment as soon as it's identified. To understand how to avoid and treat thyroid disease using procedures and organic products, [[http://​lifestream.aol.com/​stream/​autoimmunethyro|visit]]
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