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 +In - Motion web hosting service is right for those looking for choice of hosting from different geographical units. ​ And it doesn'​t have to end in dot-com; I simply used this since it's the most common domain suffix. ​ • Usually you will receive a complimentary domain in web hosting program, and if you only want one web site, I would like propose you to get a web hosting program that only host 1 site.   
 +check this out: [[http://​smartmediamexico.com/​micrositios/​Megambrea/​BBVA/​everest/​blogs/​246/​1990/​examining-fundamental-elements-i|best web hosting providers]]
 +Most ISP's supply only a dynamic IP address - this means the IP address changes on a standard basis. ​ Go to Google and kind in "Who Is" and type in the company name, like xyz.  Susta - Host includes support for ffmpeg, GD Library, Imagemagick,​ Mencoder and more.  ​
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