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 +Facebook is the new Google! Why? because you may get massive results from ads put on FB just how you used in order to get with Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google. Your cost per click will soon be less with an increased result; AND since Facebook is just past 500 million members and slated to make the journey to a billion there are new folks coming on Facebook everyday. Consequently,​ plenty of new exposures for you. If you'd like to market where your visitors hang out at then [[http://​www.addabazz.com/​index.php?​p=blogs/​viewstory/​1159531|social media exchange]] is really where you should be.
 +FB has laser-targeted functionalities that are revolutionary and with fifty per cent of a billion people logging on, it is a target audience that can not be disregarded. It will be well worth the effort and time to learn just how to market on Facebook or hire someone who already knows how.
 +Think of it, FB has lots of information on people, not merely geographically or sex and birthdays, that's basic material. What gives them the targeting power they have is more honed details like group affiliations,​ relationship status, where a person is used, where they went along to school, what games are played, who their friends are, who their family is, religious affiliations,​ along with the countless things a person clicks like to. Within this information age, he who holds the keys to the most targeted info wins. Information gives the energy to where folks are spending their time probably the most and if you can predict what folks are discussing, what they can be doing you can predict what they'​ll be purchasing next.
 +Listed here is a good instance of social networking and advertising genius: A spa can create a coupon offer geared to couples for his and hers massages by formulating an ad that has a call to action to click Like to receive the discount code of 40% off.
 +The advertisement will be targeted to:
 +folks that are married;
 +anyone who has a birthdate in the month of June; and
 +be shown during June for Father'​s day
 +The spa is located in Virginia Beach, VA so the advertising will be targeted to users that work and live in Virginia Beach and the surrounding region. There may be 800 thousand men and women within the designated area but the advertising will only be shown on the pages of those that fall within the targeted audience. When they click the ad it goes to the Spa's social media exchange fan page where a voucher dominates the page but is slightly faded out of view, like, a watermark. To be able in order for it to be fully disclosed the customer has to click LIKE. Once this is done the coupon is disclosed but in order to really get your own personal coupon code you have to place in your name and email in the pick-in box. The consumer is, in addition, told that this choose-in box gets them in to the Spa's VIP club at the place where they will be privy to future offers. This produces exclusivity. A pleasant touch since every person wants to be part of something that is not accessible to any or all.
 +What was done here is a double lead was created. 1. You have increased the LIKEs on the fan website which is excellent as the more likes you have the more visibility you've got on FB. 2. You are building your list with the select-in box. As people enter their name and email address, the list grows and grows and these are certain people you'll be able to market to forever but sparingly. You can build a connection with them by sending them updates on your own products and services. It's possible for you to encourage them to a product launch, send them surveys, coupons, as soon as every so often you can upsell them on high end bundles if they have brought from you before [[http://​www.blogster.com/​mnjiugfdswecxz250/​mixing-paid-and-social-media-exchange-marketing-for-improved-sales|more info]].
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