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 +What Is Isotretinoin ​
 +Isotretinoin is a retinoid. That means that it's produced from Vitamin A. The chemical name of Isotretinoin is 13-cis retinoic acid. Isotretinoin is a really effective drug for acne. It's usually prescribed for severe acne when other therapies fail. Isotretinoin must be taken meticulously since it can produce birth defects in fetus. While using Isotretinoin,​ you should be always in contact with your medical practitioner and report any side-effect. You should also discuss about any possible pregnancy with your doctor if you are sexually active. Isotretinoin usually gives aid in severe acne and is a drug of choice for acne patients who could have lost hope about cure of these acne [[http://​www.advancedwomenshealthcenter.com/​services/​bakersfield-obgyn/​|obgyn bakersfield ca]] . 
 +Prescription ​
 +Isotretinoin is given for acne treatment. Isotretinoin works in treating acne by reducing the sebaceous glands and reducing oil production. Isotretinoin is anti-inflammatory and removes comedones. The handled skin is dry and prevents the growth of acne bacteria. Isotretinoin is prescribed in case of serious acne, scarring where doctor feels that Isotretinoin must be prescribed to obtain rid of acne acne, average acne that's not responding to every case of acne and other medication. Isotretinoin are often used for some other conditions that include- folliculitis,​ seborrhoea, chloracne and other conditions that seem like acne. 
 +The dose of Isotretinoin will depend upon the severity of acne, bodyweight, other solutions being used at the same time etc. Your medical practitioner will be the best person to choose regarding the amount. Generally the treatment starts with small amount and as human body adjusts to Isotretinoin the does is increased. The cure is also monitored by doctors during this time period and if they find that patient isn't answering, the therapy may be stopped by them. As Isotretinoin needs fat to aid its absorption in human anatomy, it's taken after food. Please follow your medical practioners suggest about these [[http://​www.advancedwomenshealthcenter.com/​|site link]] . 
 +Side Effects- The most popular side effects of Isotretinoin are dry mouth, dry nose, loss of hair, weakness, dry skin, red itchy eyes, tender lips etc. If you experience any other unwanted effects such as muscle aches, difficult walking, depression sickness an such like. please speak to your medical practitioner instantly. Please discuss about side effects with your doctor prior to starting of the therapy with Isotretinoin and record any anticipated or unexpected side effect immediately. Please note that you might not manage to wear your contacts for quite a while in the start of therapy with Isotretinoin. You are also maybe not supposed to give any blood while you are taking Isotretinoin and for one month after you stop taking it. Please talk about dos and don't with your doctor. You also should tell your physician about any medicine or Vitamins that you are taking. You're perhaps not supposed to take any medicines without consulting your physician while taking Isotretinoin. ​
 +Isotretinoin and Pregnancy ​
 +Isotretinoin can cause serious defects in the baby. Thus you must inform your physician if you're pregnant. You must also tell your medical practitioner if you grow to become pregnant or breast-feeding. You have to try your self for pregnancy before you start Isotretinoin and continue getting examined while getting Isotretinoin. Your physician will explain the facts for you. If you get pregnant while taking Isotretinoin you should stop taking it and call your doctor immediately. You have to embrace two reliable methods of birth control for one month before taking Isotretinoin,​ keep on while taking Isotretinoin and till after one month of stopping Isotretinoin. You must confer with your physician and gynecologist in detail before taking Isotretinoin [[http://​www.advancedwomenshealthcenter.com/​|research bakersfield gynecologist]] . 
 +This short article is just for educational purposes. This article isn't designed to be described as a medical advise and it's not a replacement for professional medical advice. Please consult your medical practitioner for your medical concerns. Please follow any idea given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The writer is not responsible for any consequence or damage resulting from data obtained from this article.Advanced Women'​s Health Center
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