Religious Groups Strenghten Communities by SMS

Nigerian religious groups have been quick to grasp the role of SMS and mobile communication to enhance relationships apart from the traditional face-to-face communication. These messages to the community can be come in different forms :

  • Faith-based pronouncements - seasonal or occasional expressions of support and declaration of faith.
  • Prayer & Well-Wishing - wishing well for receiver, community members, country or events.
  • Admonition & Assurance - spreading warnings to the community or provide assurances to the health and behaviour
  • Appreciation - providing appreciation to individual actions or actions of the community as a whole.
  • Praise & Worship - classic religious worship extended to the mobile world.
  • Seasonal Greetings - celebrating events in the religious seasonal calendar.
  • General Information/Announcement - announcement of events and gatherings.
  • Calls to Action - requests for support, physical, skills and financial.

This increasing demanding 24 hour, world means that physical event attendance is becoming increasingly difficult. But SMS allows groups to stay closely knit and interact without the physical restrictions.

Trial Community Building

At Crosswire we can provide trial community messages across the appropriate demographic. We then analyse the results and provide reports on the the hot topics in the community.

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