SMS Survey - Fast and Effective

SMS Surveys are an alternative means to provide valuable feedback but beyond that they provide a number of additional advantages:

  • Any time, Anywhere - SMS surveys cross demographic and geographic boundaries easier than phone and street surveys.
  • Simple - the process is automated. No more PC, No more terminal and No more paper flier. Just one Cell phone is enough for real-time survey and data processing.
  • Number name mappings means, real name and real time service guarantees and increases the accuracy of database than existing web-based database.
  • Increased participation. The cost effectiveness of SMS surveys allows the issues/questions to reach a much larger audience.
  • Lead of Public Opinion - The questions asked can help focus on a specific topic.
  • Campaign funding can be included in the survey. The campaign funding can be easily facilitated through premium SMS (subscriptions).

Trial Survey

At Crosswire we can provide trial survey split across the appropriate demographic. We then analyse the results and provide reports on the the hot topics in the community.

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