What is Grinder

Grinder is an open source load and testing tool. Some of it's key advantages over other tools is that it is architected to allow scripts to run across multiple machines.

In a distributed grinder test there are 3 main actors

  • A Console can be used to start worker tests and display the results collated from those threads.
  • worker processes - execute test scripts (written in Jython or java) and perform tests using a number of worker threads
  • agent processes - typically one per machine is used to manage worker threads on that machine.

Grinder can be used to test a variety of functions

  • Web Testing - either written by hand or recorded using the TCP Proxy Filter
  • Database Testing
  • XML/RPC Soap Testing
  • Json service calls

To name but a few.

Executing Scripts

Grinder supports three main means to execute scripts:

  1. The tests you want to execute are specified in a grinder.properties file There are number of other properties like the number of workers and number of times tests should be executed.
  2. you can use the console to specify the script to be run and agent ato run it. Each agent will be spei simple grinder.properties file containing the console address, though you will not need to set the grinder.script property.
  3. You development and debugging you can execute the script(s) using Eclipse using the Grindstone plugin. You still need to have a running console and a minimally configured grinder property file.
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