Short Message Service Center
Subscriber Identity Module
 & MDG : Millennium Development Goals
  ; PEAP : Poverty Eradication Action Plan

* SMSSI Short Message Service Server Inward

  • SMSO Short Message Service Outward
  • SP Service Provider
  • WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
  • NWSC National Water and Sewerage Corporation
  • GSM Global System Mobile
  • HPLMN Home Public Land Mobile Network
  • SMSC Short Message Service Center
  • MSISDN Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number
  • SCCP Signaling Connection and Control Part
  • ICT Information Communication Technology
  • UPS Utility Payment System
  • PDA Personal Digital Assistants
  • MS Mobile Station
  • NONE-BAL Non balance requests that need human intervention to reply


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