Mobile the Most Imitate Messaging

The mobile phone is the only messaging platform we carry on our person and keep with us 24 hours a day. The modern mobile phone can consume a variety of content from music (including ringtones), graphics, messages, games and movies.

SMS Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Crosswire Digital Media brings the convergant media to the Mobile.

We provide the technical expertise to companies and agencies to create effective and cost effective messaging campaigns.

Get your message face to face and interacte, anytime, anywhere.

Expand and saturate your message with

  • brand awareness
  • brand loyalty,
  • direct marketing returns
  • Force multiple - Get the message out regarding your your traditional live promotion events.
  • Gather vital feedback and consumer reaction data

Mobile Communication to Cut Waste

Delays, forgotten appointments and conflicting schedules can cause a waste of precious resources and frustration for customers. Automated SMS alerts are a very cost effective way to provide customers with relevant reminders. These optional messages can dramatically cut missed appointments as well as alert customers of potential conflicts or delays.

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Mobile Communication to Simplifies Bill Payments

  • Cash, Cheques, back giro and web bank transfers are traditional payments options that suffer from being slow, in-secure and require significant banking infrastructure.

The key advantage of Premium Messaging is it's Simplicity..

  • Mobile payments through Premium SMS messaging is:
    • Simple for both the customer and cash recipient
    • Secure
    • Can operate 24 hours, 7 days a week at the customer convince.
    • Cost effective and fully automated.
    • Requires no capital expenses and virtually no banking infrastructure.
    • Has been applied successfully in a variety of first world and emerging nations.

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