Why Build an On-line Community

On-line technology and mass communication makes it the most effective platform to:

  • Recruit membership/volunteers
  • Increase visibility
  • Share information/resources with a wider network
  • Organize/activate users around issues or causes
  • Coordinate events (both traditional and online)

Steps to Building your Online Community

  • Identify your target audience - Who are you trying to reach?
  • How will you reach them? - Find them were there at
    • Mobile Messaging SMS, Community sites (Facebook), Blogs, Forums, Website searches (Search Engine Optimisation)

Campaign Reports

  • Why will they be interested? - target the message
    • Geographic targeting - messaging relevant to their area
    • Demographic targeting - (i.e., profession, industry, company size, gender, age group, household income, ethnicity, et cetera).
    • Belief Targeting - passions and beliefs
  • A spoonful of sugar - make the message easy to consume, short, witty, relevant, entertaining, empowering.
  • Call to action - provide the leads to the appropriate response
  • Analyse the feedback - improve the message - repeat

Trial Messaging

At Crosswire we can provide multiple campaign messages split across the appropriate demographic. We then analyse the results to determine the hot topics in the community.

Talk to us further, arrange a call info@crosswiredigitalmedia.com

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