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PlayFramework inbuilt DB

  • playframework comes with h2 database (in memory) built in. Typing /@db at the url and the h2 database console will be launched.

To start an in-memory H2 database instance, just add this line to your conf/application.conf file:


If your prefer to save the database in the file system, use:


If you want to connect to an existing MySQL5 server, use the following:


Playframework Jobs

Jobs can be dropped into any java package and use the play framework jobs annotations

public class Bootstrap extends Job {

	public void doJob() {
		System.out.println("jobs running");

Playframework Json

With Play, it is extremely easy to create a REST service that exposes some model objects in JSON format.

If we write this line in the routes file :

GET     /data.json            ExtjAction.DataInJson

Create a controller method

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