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Setting Java VM version

eslect command allows one to set a number program versions

  bashcomp                  Manage contributed bash-completion scripts
  binutils                  Manage installed versions of sys-devel/binutils
  boost                     Manage boost installations
  ctags                     Manage /usr/bin/ctags implementations
  editor                    Manage the EDITOR environment variable
  emacs                     Manage /usr/bin/emacs version
  env                       Manage environment variables set in /etc/env.d/
  esd                       Select esound daemon or wrapper
  etags                     Manage /usr/bin/etags implementations
  fontconfig                Manage fontconfig /etc/fonts/conf.d/ symlinks
  java-nsplugin             Manage the Java plugin for Netscape-like Browsers
  java-vm                   Manage the Java system and user VM
  kernel                    Manage the /usr/src/linux symlink
  modules                   A module for querying modules. By default, it lists all available
  news                      Read Gentoo ("GLEP 42") news items
  oodict                    Manage the configuration of dictionaries for OpenOffice.Org.
  opengl                    Manage the OpenGL implementation used by your system
  pager                     Manage the PAGER environment variable
  profile                   Manage the /etc/make.profile symlink
  python                    Manage Python symlinks
  rc                        Manage /etc/init.d scripts in runlevels
  vi                        Manage /usr/bin/vi implementations
  visual                    Manage the VISUAL environment variable
  wxwidgets                 Manage the system default wxWidgets profile.
  xvmc                      Manage the XvMC implementation used by your system

eselect java-vm list - will show the available java versions and
eselect java-vm 1 will select the the 1st java version listed.

Setting the Gcc Version

Gcc has it's own command gcc-config. To list available versions gcc-config -l

And to select a version pick a listed version:

  gcc-config i686-pc-linux-gnu-3.4.6
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