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 +How to Make Your Article Marketing Campaign Successful
 +You will find that making an article marketing campaign profitable isn't quite as hard as it sounds because all you need to do to create long term success is to maintain your focus and know the direction you are headed in.
 +Concentrate on Being Consistent: You have to be consistent with article marketing if you want to get some really good results in the long term, just as is true for any other type of internet marketing. You have to keep in mind that using articles to grow your email list, to promote your site or to send visitors to your landing page takes time and it won't happen right away. In other words, unless and until you've got a good number of quality articles out there working for you, it won't be possible to see big results. It's not enough to publish an article or two on a directory or two and then expect incredible results. The idea is to try and be as consistent as possible to get the most out of all the articles you write and publish on article directories. Targeted Directories:​ Everyone still seems to obsess with GoArticles.com and Ezinearticles.com despite the fact that there are plenty of targeted directories online that address different groups. If you search a bit, you will find that there are quite a few directories and sites that focus on a single niche. Since the traffic that is found on these sites is completely relevant, it's a wiser option to use these types of sites.
 +Focus on the Resource Box: The more people that click through to your site from your articles, the more successful you can consider your article marketing campaign to be, so to generate a better response you need to create a better resource box. Don't make the mistake of talking about yourself in the resource box because that would simply be a waste of space. Rather, you should try to include as much information as you can about your "​offer"​ so that it pushes the reader to visit your website or blog. Make the article flow into the resource box so that they look like one. This allows you to get a better response since the person reading your article won't have to break his flow. 
 +Every article marketer knows that in order to achieve long term success, it's really important that you give your readers value, and at the same time keep an eye on things are progressing. [http://​hghwonder.com/​category/​human-growth-hormone/ ​ visit the website]
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